Sizing & Care


Sizing rings does not affect the cost unless it is several sizes different necessitating building a new ring. Turn around time on normal sizing is one week. Inlaid rings cannot be resized, as the inlay usually breaks, so a new ring will need to be made at the original price. Also, some of the designs with faceted stones cannot be sized much or at all due to the setting being integral to the design, and so a new ring with a new stone will be made. Since gemstones vary by weight and price, two similarly sized stones may be differently priced. This can affect the cost, and generally falls into the custom order category. Rings which need to be made to order usually take 8 weeks to produce, depending on stone availability.


Fine jewelry should be treated with care and respect, reflecting it’s value, especially when gemstones are involved. A gold ring with no stones can take a lot of abuse, but when it becomes severely scratched much of it’s beauty and appeal is lost. A ring with gemstones should be treated with more care since the stones, even diamonds, can be scratched or broken. I recommend cleaning jewelry regularly with dishwashing soap and ammonia using a toothbrush. With chemical sensitive materials such as pearl or emerald, eliminate the ammonia. For care and cleaning over an extended period, I recommend regular “tune-ups”, which are free with any piece of jewelry purchased. This service includes checking/tightening any stones, removing scratches from the metal and inlay, re-polishing the piece, and giving it a thorough cleaning. Depending on individual wear and tear, this should be done once a year and goes a long way in protecting gemstones from becoming lost and keeping the piece in pristine condition.


All work is guaranteed for the life of the piece against any defects in materials and workmanship, excluding normal wear and tear. If a piece should break it will be repaired or replaced free of charge. While this guarantee does not cover unusual circumstances, i.e. dropping a ring down the garbage disposal, I try to keep any repair costs to a minimum. Additionally, I highly recommend periodic tune-ups, as covered in the care section above.