Meteorite Jewelry Store

  • 14k White Gold Ring with Huckitta Meteorite & Diamond | Metamorphosis Jewelry Design

  • 14k Gold Ring with Dinosaur Bone & Meteorite | Metamorphosis Jewelry Design

  • 14k Rose Gold Ring with Heliodoer & Dinosaur Bone | Metamorphosis Jewelry Design

  • 14k Rose Gold Nine Planets Ring with Meteorite & Gems | Metamorphosis Jewelry Design

Rare. Unique. Bold. Metamorphosis Jewelry Designs are the inspired fine jewelry creations of artist John Biagiotti, hand crafted from exquisite pairings of meteorites, unusual gemstones, and metals. John has more than 35 years of experience in fine jewelry design, and invites you to know the satisfaction of owning one of his timeless pieces.