Gibeon Meteorite and Gemstone Mother’s Pendant

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This beautiful Mother’s pendant is made entirely of Gibeon meteorite and includes all of the gemstones representing mom and her children.  The pendant in the image shows the mother’s birthstone tension set in the large ring (in this case a pearl for a June birthday) and two small meteorite rings with the children’s tension set birthstones, in this pendant an Emerald (May) and a blue Zircon (Dec.).   Dad’s birthstone, a small Diamond (April), is flush mounted in the upper left of the large meteorite ring.  The tension setting means that the main gemstone can be removed and replaced so that additional small rings with birthstones can be added as the family grows.  The overall dimensions of the pendant are 29 mm tall by 18 mm wide.  This will be custom made to accommodate the appropriate birth gemstones.  Contact me for pricing.

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