18k rose gold ring with Huckitta and Gibeon Meteorite inlays

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This is an 18k rose gold man’s ring inlaid with 2 types of meteorite, Gibeon and Huckitta. The Huckitta is framed by the Gibeon meteorite, which has been etched with nitric acid to reveal the characteristic patterns, or Widmanstatten figures, of iron meteorites. Huckitta meteorite is a stoney-iron pallasite that was found in the Australian desert where thousands of years of exposure has changed the nickel-iron matrix into hematite and magnetite. These are in contrast to the rich color of the 18k rose gold. The ring itself is a heavy man’s band with a square outer profile. This ring weighs 25.7 grams, is 8.4 mm wide at the top, tapering to 6.9 mm at the back, and is a size 11.25. It cannot be sized, but can be custom made in any size.

Item #: 92rose2mt
Price: $2290